Hire a van with driver in Belgium

Should you need to hire a van with driver in Belgium we will be pleased to propose you our chauffeured service with a wide range of vans for any occasion that you may have. We offer quality service and competitive prices in Belgium.

When you hire a van with driver in Belgium with AnyCar24.com you tap into not only the skills and resources of our highly experienced team specialising in van with chauffeur rental but also into the time proven network of our parent company 1CARES.com, a household name synonymous with high quality service. Therefore, we are quite confident you will be satisfied with our service in Belgium. We propose a full range of vans and minivans suitabe for groups of 5 to 25 passengers with luggage.

Hire a van with driver in Belgium

Assisted by our highly qualified team, you can hire a van with driver in Belgium reliably and securely. Our parent company put together an extensive network of quality carriers in Belgium, carefully selected for over a decade. That is one of the key reasons why we are able to guarantee availability and best terms even for most complex orders in Belgium.

We can provide a van with chauffeur throughout Belgium, in particular in Brussels, Antwerp, Charleroi, Ghent, Bruges, Liège, Anderlecht and a number of other areas. AnyCar24.com proposes you to make your booking in two principal ways: online and via requesting a quote.

Hire a van with driver in Belgium online

By following this way of making your reservation you hire a van with driver in Belgium directly in our online booking system based on availabilities at the moment of reservation. Your order is processed online without much human intervention. Based on your addresses our system will automatically define your itinerary and calculate our price proposal. It is to note, however, that this method of booking is only appropriate if your order does not exceed one day.

Request a quote for van rental with driver in Belgium

This way of making a booking for your chauffeured van in Belgium is currently preferable in many cases. You can select a pre-configured itinerary or yourself describe us key components of your programme. In particular, we need to know for each day: 1) your pick-up time for each transfer or hours of service and 2) your itinerary or mileage that needs to be included in our price proposal. Usually, we are able to provide you with our quote for your van rental with chauffeur in Belgium within 4 hours (in a busy season we also operate a night shift).

Price of hire of van with driver in Belgium

Several major factors constitute the bulk of the cost of the rental of a van and driver including driver hours, depreciation / lease costs, energy price, maintenance costs and taxes. In the last two years the average price in Belgium has been the following:

Price of hire of van with driver in Belgium
Description Average price to hire a van with driver in Belgium assuming 8 hours with 80 kilometers of mileage included
Price 428

This information above provides a good estimate (for the rental of a small van) but our real quote may be lower or higher depending on objective criteria such as van characteristics: capacity, class, category. Supply and demand situation for a given date, especially on public holidays and during big events, may also impact the price. Once we receive your programme we will provide you with out best price proposal in Belgium taking into account your particular travel schedule and requirements.

The price published on is available OnlineOnly and is valid until 2024-08-11 subject to availability.

For each booking of a van with driver in Belgium you will receive:

  • our confirmation with your trip details and conditions
  • all necessary contact details: driver/ dispatcher name and mobile phone

The service in Belgium will be carried out in compliance with our terms and conditions.