Our fleet of cars and vans in Belgium

We provide in Belgium cars and vans of various sizes and classes capable to carry from 3 to 25 passengers.

The following categories of cars, minivans and vans are available for your hire with driver in Belgium:

Category: Standard

Capacity: 4 pax

Brands: Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc.

Category: Business class

Capacity: 4 pax

Brands: Mercedes, Audi, BMW, etc.

Category: Executive / luxury class

Capacity: 3 pax

Brands: Mercedes S-Class, Audi 8, BMW 7, etc.

Category: Minivan

Capacity: 5-8 pax *

Brands: Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, Renault

Category: Van

Capacity: 8-25 pax

Brands: Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford

* Business and luxury class minivans have a capacity of up to 7 pax + driver